Gray’s book is funny, touching, biting, and always revealing. Like all good ER physicians, he tells you what he’s really thinking. Like all good writers, he does it with style.

— Dr. Brian Goldman, host of CBC’s White Coat, Black Art and author of The Night Shift

This is a charming, truly funny book. But it is more than that: Donovan Gray can write, and his well-told story of what it is to be an emergency room doctor expands our knowledge of the world.

— Sharon Butala, author of The Garden of Eden

Donovan Gray beautifully captures the comedy, humility, irony and poignancy of life as an ER doctor. With a sharp eye and a droll wit, Gray touches on every possible aspect of the doctor-patient relationship, while candidly showing what effect it has on his roles as husband, father and citizen. Dude is thought-provoking and wonderfully entertaining.

— Dave Williamson, author of the comic novel Dating